Elderly falls lead to deaths associated to Covid-19

The Ministry of Health’s registry of covid patients includes many hundreds of hospitalizations for falls, trips, slips, and bruises from objects. These patients entered the covid-19 database because they tested positive on hospital admission. PAGE ONE had access to clinical information on covid patients through May of last year, and counted more than 1,200 cases […]

Alert authorities to give due attention to the elderly

The Association Friends of the Great Age demands “that the regulatory authority gives more importance to households and that the DGS be more cautious in the decisions and statements it makes.” and that “the information is public, pedagogical and effective and not restricted to ministerial offices and meetings with large corporations.”

Comorbidities and deaths in Italy

97,1% of the analysed patients with COVID-19 that died in Italy had comorbidities, that is, less than 3% of the deaths occurred in persons without comorbidities, and below the age of 60 years old the percentage of deaths without comorbidities is 0,7%.